Adopting Webkinz Endangered Clouded Leopard & Signature Pomeranian

Small Sig. Persian Cat & Golden Pegasus Adoption: Red Panda & Chinchilla Adoption:

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25 Responses to Adopting Webkinz Endangered Clouded Leopard & Signature Pomeranian

  1. Jigglypuffcutie11

    I saw those at justice when I went there 2 get some clothes and a pack of glow in the dark silly bandz and I got the webkinz love lion cuz it was on clearence and there was like 3 left and I didn’t have the love lion so ya I named the love lion Cupid and he’s a boy,when I get the signature pomeranian she’ll be a girl and her name will be Evana.

  2. savkey123

    my cats name is luna…haha,i named my pom sammy after justin biebers papilon…i have a papillon and the pom webkinz looks alot like a papillon so it kinda fit him

  3. smileymileyrox7278

    whats ur username??? can i be ur friend

  4. CutiePet99

    how many rares do you have because i need them so bad!


    what a cowinky dink! the pomeranian is my favorite type of dog, and I was supposed to be born on august 14th lol (btw, my b-day is august 25th)

  6. starrystarr33

    @CutiePet99 Haha, I did. xD

  7. CutiePet99

    you should so out the portrait in your musum!

  8. 118horseheroes

    papabear5309@ I have a dsi would you like to chat everyday?

  9. pandandaemma

    So kawaii! Btw, there is someone who thinks that your backup account is a poser. I don’t remember who it is though.

  10. sydandcc

    how many rooms do you have

  11. yoursuperstar22

    what camera do you use?

  12. MAGGIElover1999

    Serendipity’s b-day is a day after mine! she’s so cute i want one!

  13. starystar34

    @lilachico Dont be rude or correct people

  14. Bubblegum0234BABE

    aww i love the pomeranian! :)

    haha you’re so funny!! it was hilarious when you were trying to show the picture and you were like “” lol keep up the great videos! :]

  15. tayrocon

    paste this to 2 other videos

    JUST DO IT IT’S SCARY! paste this to 2 other videos

    go to your channel and see your coments


  16. webkinzpeople94

    @sydandcc Gosh!, It;s on her Channle! :D

  17. webkinzpeople94

    I’ve always wanted the webkinz Pomeranian!!, It brings good and sad memories! I love the sig. pomeranian! :d Don’t you it’s just SOOOO Cute isn’t it??! :DD

  18. rbrun11

    i was just kiding i dont have it.I AM SORRY

  19. rbrun11

    hey starrystar I have the webkinz hammoce thing that is the signature endangered one and i’ll trade you that for the quick sand for it just go to the clubhouse room 45 and look for izz.

  20. Annalizzatoo

    u come up with awewsome names :D

  21. Annalizzatoo

    @sydandcc probably all of them i bet hehe

  22. Annalizzatoo

    @rbrun11 i have the signature car! :D

  23. Annalizzatoo

    you have like what ALL THE WEBKINZ?! woww lol

  24. rbrun11

    do you have the signature car?did you know there was a signature car?

  25. sydandcc

    How many webkinz do you have

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