Cerebellar Hypoplasia cat vs Plush Toy

Just cute to see a "special needs" kitty still can have some fun!

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8 Responses to Cerebellar Hypoplasia cat vs Plush Toy

  1. shivaandjaya

    Dear handsome CH cat,

    My name is Shiva and I have CH, too. Just like you. I don’t have a problem with that. Some vets believe that CH cats are better of dead. I strongly disagree! We CH kitties are very happy. We just have CH, right?

    Big kiss,

  2. PrincessJuJuBear

    This makes me sooo happy I could cry! You are awesome for loving this kitty!

  3. lpewan

    I have two CH cats and they’re the happiest mammals I have ever seen in my life.

    Yours is so cute, and very healthy looking :D


  4. lyssaluv93

    Aww,he’s a very handsome cat and his condition sure doesn’t stop him from having a great time. This is awesome. :)

  5. Sneezertoo

    He’s our handsome boy and just loves life… but I think he loves food more than life ;)

  6. mmadridbr

    At least your baby walks… mine baby becomes tetraplegics… it’s the worst case in the world… sorry… God bless you!

  7. Sarah021989

    I think the plush toy won that battle… such a beautiful cat…

  8. singedrac


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