Drawing Lessons : How to Draw a Teddy Bear

Drawing a teddy bear with a broad body shape can often make the bear appear cuter. Draw a teddy bear and add overlaps to the body parts with tips from a professional illustrator and graphic artist in this free drawing and illustration video. Expert: Jay French Contact: www.JayFrenchStudios.com Bio: Jay French is a lifelong artist with 19 years of experience as a professional illustrator and graphic artist. Filmmaker: Todd Green

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25 Responses to Drawing Lessons : How to Draw a Teddy Bear

  1. lolzamilol

    Thank You.

  2. 259GUNNERS4life

    u want ya eras high or heel look like a err monkey LOL

  3. abehcet09

    @johnsongirl407 lol

  4. hs62663

    stop mother fucking smiling

  5. Loltubezz

    Teddy bear? ffs. I want a video on how to draw a f’ing violent angry bear, whos like rawr >:l and stands up on hind legs, rawr

  6. awesomeduke1000

    thank you jesus chroist

  7. johnsongirl407

    Pause at 3:09 his crying how pretty it is

  8. johnsongirl407

    Good one he looks like his crying how pretty he made it lOL!

  9. treasure04029

    @Xxbrandon9xX lol

  10. 40klproductions

    Thanks man, this is gonna come On handy

  11. Xxbrandon9xX

    haha pause at 3:09

  12. Yusrararts

    nice ,

  13. freepromos

    Hey, has anyone tried the sellyourdrawings . com quide?

  14. adultswimman1


  15. boolet111

    i have done a teddy bear that is sitting u can watch it on my channel. it’s called How to draw a teddy bear (the easy way)

  16. gAbA972

    @TheLsrmusic me too

  17. gringodeltoro1

    Teddy is up to something…

  18. pipe99chumby

    like me…. but i prefer to draw whit the right

  19. WaYnEsTyL

    looks ok but i lie the bear from kanye west that bear looks much better than urs sry

  20. Jonikiwi

    my brother can :( i´m right handed :(:(:( and i suck drawing

  21. ToddHaloLT

    can u draw a bear that is sitting is that to hard

  22. Melodin1

    yeah they are!

  23. Lauli55

    People that can use both hands are even more awesome!

  24. TheLsrmusic

    i am left handed to

  25. thataziangurl

    yay im left handed :D

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