How do I wash a white teddy bear with a red bow?

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How do I wash a white teddy bear with a red bow?
My boyfriend gave me a white teddy bear last year as one of my Christmas presents and I want to wash it, but I do not want to ruin it and have the bow make the bear pink. What is a good way of washing my teddy bear without ruining it. BTW the bow does not come off.

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Answer by J S
wash the bear's fur with a toothbrush and water.


use ice cold water and wash it all. the color should not come off with icy cold water.

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4 Responses to How do I wash a white teddy bear with a red bow?

  1. Wheat

    My local news tested that color catcher washer sheet that just came out. They showed their true test washing multiple loads of whites with new red clothing. The sheet worked.

    They are made by Shout. I’ve never tried one though.

  2. Vinu

    Things You’ll Need:
    White washcloths
    Vacuum cleaner

    •1 Inspect your teddy bear. Before you start cleaning, you must make sure there is no damage to your bear. Look for holes, missing buttons, rips or other physical damage. Repair the damage if possible, and be extra careful when cleaning around these spots.

    •2 Vacuum your teddy bear, using an upholstery tool, to get rid of loose dirt and debris on the surface of the bear. Do this carefully with delicate bears.

    •3 Use white washcloths to wash your bear with plain water. Using soap will leave a residue. Wring out the washcloth as much as possible and carefully wipe down the bear. Repeat with clean cloths until the bear is clean.

    •4 Be careful about where you leave your bear. Avoid throwing your bear on the floor or leaving the bear outside. Teach children to take care of their teddy bears in this way.

    •5 Dust your bear, if necessary. Teddy bears on display still need care and love. Dust them regularly.

    •6 Read the care instructions on your teddy bear. Some teddy bears are washing machine safe. Reading the label and following the directions ensures proper care.

    Tips & Warnings
    Only use white cloths when cleaning your teddy bear. Dye transfer may occur if you use a colored towel..

    Dont bother much about the bow, it will not comeout if you dont pull it hard.

  3. Awesome :D

    Cut it off and sew it back. That’s what I would do. It shouldn’t be difficult. Just pull out the bow, see the strings and cut.

    But what I noticed is that they don’t leak colour that much. Maybe manufacturers think of this issue and use different things to dye them. I washed my red panda toy. It haz strong brown and orange colours and I didn’t notice any colour in the water and neither did the white parts become brownish. The face is white just like new. And I hand washed it by squeezing it and then needed two days to dry on a radiator (I don’t have a dryer). I feared the mold will start to grow, unseen, and it will smell like a wine cellar, but luckily it didn’t happen.

    But what kind of fabric is it? I think maybe some fabrics won’t leak at all such as synthetic stuff, because the plastic itself is dyed during the manufacturing process before it’s turned into a fiber. Plastics don’t leak colour. And I also noticed that things leak colour only when there’s a detergent in water.

  4. nicky

    spray it with fabreeze

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