Nintendo 64 BD&A Diddy Kong Plush Toy Review

My Sisters Toy(GamingChiliHedgehog)

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17 Responses to Nintendo 64 BD&A Diddy Kong Plush Toy Review

  1. Biscuit298

    I Wish.Sorry

  2. sonicfanjacob

    Do you have the keychain version of this plush?if you do,can you review it Please?

  3. Biscuit298

    Yard Sale

  4. geniofrustrado

    were did you get that diddy kong

  5. Biscuit298


  6. GamerGirl50

    Awesome plush!

  7. Biscuit298

    Sorry But I Am Not Shure How I Should Do It.I Have A Toy Review Running So That Will Give Me Time To Start.

  8. mariofan96

    I’ve been Waiting A Long Time. for The last Remake. Coulde You Please Make The 3rd and Finel Remake?

  9. Biscuit298

    I Think Ebay Is The Best Place For BD&A Plushs Now In Days

  10. stevenklimek

    Does anyone know where this Diddy Kong is available? My nephew had it and lost it, and I am trying to find the same one as a replacement….thanks.

  11. mariofan96

    O.k Ill Wait. Take Your Time.

  12. Biscuit298

    Ok.But I Am Going Somewhere Soon So It May Not Be Uploaded Till Later

  13. mariofan96

    You Should Make A Video When Chili Makes
    Friends With Him. Request By Me.

  14. Shadowthhedgehog1996

    i like ur sis

  15. Biscuit298

    My Sister Said Her Username Was To Long So I Made It Smaller

  16. Shadowthhedgehog1996

    i like ur sis

  17. Shadowthhedgehog1996

    gch awesome

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