Old 1993 Caltoy Very Rare Small Sonic The Hedgehog Plush Toy review

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25 Responses to Old 1993 Caltoy Very Rare Small Sonic The Hedgehog Plush Toy review

  1. Biscuit298

    THANKS,My Newer Reviews Are Better Though.

  2. ssbbrocks1

    your plush reviews are as good as the wiiviewr that means your reviews are great

  3. Biscuit298


  4. Biscuit298

    Yeah.I Cant Rember What Happend That Day Though.(lol)

  5. djourney09

    hey ben!!! if you want to know my name… its dana!!!

  6. djourney09

    wow your really happy in this video.

  7. sonicfanjacob

    im jacob,pretty obviose(still dont know how to spell it).oh,and i like pizza most of all!but pies still there.

  8. Shadowthhedgehog1996

    thanx ^.^

  9. Biscuit298

    Thats A Nice Name

  10. Shadowthhedgehog1996

    cool now i can telll u my age and how old i am im seth and im 12

  11. Biscuit298


  12. Shadowthhedgehog1996

    okay and whats ur name XD

  13. Biscuit298

    My Sister

  14. Shadowthhedgehog1996

    whos becca XD

  15. treverpatey

    oh ok?

  16. Biscuit298

    No.I Have Never Seen Him/Her Face To Face

  17. treverpatey

    doesent he come over to your house?

  18. Biscuit298

    I Cant Ship Stuff In The Mail

  19. treverpatey

    you should give it to sottskatorforlife

  20. Biscuit298


  21. caseyjoe503

    wow,i should go down there and findem,i got mine from a flee market when i was like 8 now im 13

  22. Biscuit298

    Yeah.They Are Rare.

  23. caseyjoe503

    omg….these are rare..??? I got like….10 of those in my basement. I remember seeing the knuckles one at the flee market place i always.

  24. Biscuit298


  25. Sykorax

    A pretty chubby Sonic plush, but still cute. It reminds me of SatAM Sonic.
    Nice review!

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