PB&J: Hubert the Teddy Bear Winter Games Review

A really good review made by PeanutButterGamer and KyrakJellyman of Hubert the Teddy Bear Winter Games for the Nintendo Wii on Wiiware. In honor of the Winter Olympics, snow, and bears, we did this review because we're really cool guys and we know about games and are cool. What is PB&J? It is two really important game players, PeanutButterGamer and KyrakJellyman, helping inform all the gaming newbs out there about what's what. This is a 100% serious video game show done by 100% serious video game players, and there is absolutely no sarcasm intended for comedic purposes. PB&J do reviews, walkthroughs, previews, gaming tips, and holiday fashion guides! "If you can name it, we can pwn at it!"

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25 Responses to PB&J: Hubert the Teddy Bear Winter Games Review

  1. yoiykid

    Hey Its Homestar!! Nice PC background!!

  2. BenjaminEllett

    im gonna buy this game i mean that cool gameplay set the sold mark for me.

  3. PeanutButterGamer

    I don’t know if I has what it takes or not, but I do has the five bucks.

  4. PeanutButterGamer

    Actually, I said state. ;)

    Get it? Because it’s not a state.

  5. PeanutButterGamer

    Thanks. =)

  6. PeanutButterGamer

    Yeah, man, I pwned him! hahaha

  7. RonanKisuki

    lmao! the intro xD u got hit by snow o.o

  8. Naihatsu92

    Hilarious, simply hilarious. Very nice vid guys.

  9. Clerks0

    Fucking hilarious!

  10. slapspak

    i like

  11. carsonnik

    Oh wow, that censor bar was really funny.

    More games need to make you choose awesome names like that by forcing you to add random letters. The game is always right, after all. Think of how helpful that will be to less imaginative people who think their name is good, but it really is awful. Brilliant.

    PBG, did you know that you were leading him by half?

  12. gr3g0r3

    Well, You have to have a wii first :3

  13. jackattack501st

    Nice sarcasm on the name.

  14. GovahRated

    lol, these are amazing. You guys have the best sense of humor.


  15. alarikoo

    “In the great city of Canada”? Whaaaaa?

  16. zadanet

    Do you Has?

  17. PeanutButterGamer

    Just as my partner in crime said, on the Wiiware. =)

    It’s only 5 dollars, haha.

  18. TheInstinctsWithin

    Props on even spending points on this game.

  19. ShinAkuma21

    when he said i don’t care u should of said THE BEAR CARE lol

  20. KyrakJellymen

    Its a Wii Ware game in the Wii Shop on the Wii.

    I said “Wii” a lot more than i am comfortable with.

  21. nintendork001

    just subscribed now tell me where to get this game

  22. PeanutButterGamer

    Well, it’s only 5 dollars. =P

  23. gr3g0r3

    I must own this game!!!

  24. PeanutButterGamer

    Thanks. ;)

  25. PeanutButterGamer

    Haha, nope. Just friends.

    My brother is actually in the last video, the snow challenge Mario Party 2 video.

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