Plush Baby Emperor Penguin 8″

Aurora only uses lock washer or embroidered eyes and nose for safety.

  • Nice Quality and Detail.
  • Super Soft Materials

Twitter on Plush Toy
RT @BambooParadise: 11" PUG Dog Puppy Stuffed Plush Sleeping BREATHING Plush Toy at Bonanza. - by JuleesTreasures (Julie)

RT @BambooParadise: 11" BORDER COLLIE Puppy Dog Stuffed Sleeping BREATHING Plush Toy at Bonanza. - by CindyLuTweets4u (CindyLuTweets4u)

Ninja O Dark quit Club Penguin because His girlfriend AKA The ballerina plush toy broke up with him - by Kelvin12345cp (Kelvin12345)

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