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Since the beginning of Zutano clothing, the mascot of this soft and comfortable apparel for children has been Hip Hoppy. He is made to be snuggly soft and is known around the world in homes where babies wear the Zutano line. Hip Hoppy became a famous name early on and has brought with it a much larger group of stuffed animals offered by the company in relation to their clothing. You can find such characters as Chocolate Hip Hoppy, Cheeky Monkey, and Good Dog. All of these wonderful plush characters are perfect additions to go with the amazingly soft and comfortable clothing produced by Zutano.

Hip Hoppy - Bunny For Everyone

Hip Hoppy, was the first plush toy created by Zutano. This cuddly bunny is made to be snuggled and cuddled because of how soft it is. The bunny has its own miniature line of Zutano clothing that the child can change whenever they choose. Hip Hoppy comes in a girl and boy version to be personal to your child. The original Hip Hoppy created by Zutano is in a soft cream color but you can also find a chocolate version of the same design. The Hip Hoppy is almost 13 inches tall and is made from a wonderful cotton blend that needs to be hugged each and every day.

Baby Hip Hoppy - Newborn Friend

Baby Hip Hoppy is just like the regular version except it is much smaller and has a cute cover for its diaper. His belly rattles when you shake him and is perfect for your little precious bundle. This little one is perfect for cuddling even though he is so small. Zutano Baby Hip Hoppy is perfect for giving to a newborn or for a baby shower. He is only five inches high when measured up to his ears. He is also made from the cozy cotton blend as the regular toy.

Cheeky Monkey - Sinister Character

Cheeky Monkey is one of the new designs offered by Zutano in the plush line of toys. He is the replacement for the famous Minzi Mouse that was once the mascot for the Velure clothing line. This plush toy does not come with a line of clothing for him. He is a solid color with accents on his ears, belly, face, and feet. HE has long arms and legs. You can find Cheeky Monkey in all of the six Velure clothing colors offered by Zutano. He is fifteen inches long.

Good Dog - Loyal Companion

Good dog is one of these loveable creatures you just have to hold. He is representative of earthly warmth and security. He is found in rich chocolate tones with cream coloring around the muzzle, belly, and eye patch he wears. He is very energetic and sporty in his style which is evident in his bodysuit. He comes in six different colors and will be the best friend of any child you give him to. He measures ten inches tall and is also made from a warm cotton blend.

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