Pokemon Center Victini Plush Toy Plushie File Folders Notebook Pencil Etc

Pokemon Center Victini Plush Toy Plushie File Folders Notebook Pencil Etc

www.hardrock-pokemon.com We sell Japanese Pokemon Victini, Blitzle, Cubchoo, Whimsicott,Scraggy, Mijumaru, Tsutarja, Pokabu, Chillarmy, Eevee, Umbreon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Jolteon plush toys, pokedolls, promo cards, deck boxes, sleeves, binders, holofoils, dice boxes, figures, and much more for sale. Over 4000 rare Japanese Pokemon items. Direct from Japan. No hassle, no Ebay. http

Pokemon Center Victini Plush Toy Plushie File Folders Notebook Pencil Etc

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23 Responses to Pokemon Center Victini Plush Toy Plushie File Folders Notebook Pencil Etc

  1. bleutheemboar

    my victini? has the hair on its head on the wings for some reason

  2. HardrockPokemon

    No, they dont sell them. At least at the Pokemon center near my house. I? saw them once in a department store, but it was a long time ago. Not sure if they have any anymore. They are super expensive.

  3. Pika13733

    Brian do they have a pokemon randoseru in the pokemon centres? like those bags elementary? students carry around…

  4. LyraTomboy

    ? Victory!!!? Victini

  5. animelovergal2002

    Cool…? I want one.

    Victini is so cool

  6. shinjanaytor

    Do you have a? hat that resembles Lucas’ hat from the video games? In a video, I saw they had Lucas hats in the stores.

  7. Victini212

    May I? please have it?

  8. bellacorn

    I love? the Pen!

  9. revrunnertech2772

    they look? so cute, wonder what will happen if they put some number one fan of victini with victini in a bed lol

  10. CoolRedman1

    I was wondering if you? get a Rayquaza plush of any kind, could you do a video of it? I’ve always wanted a Rayquaza so can you do a review on one?

  11. pokefanmijumaru

    i must have all these? victini products!

  12. YaRoCheSsa


  13. kibby669


  14. HardrockPokemon

    Yes, I have a bank account in Minnesota, USA. You can send money to my parents house. Just get the total cost (go to the checkout and pretend you are paying with paypal and then on the 2nd stage of the checkout it will show you the shipping cost). Then, email me with which item that you want to buy (hardrockpokemon@gmail.com) so I can take it off the website and hold it for you. Or if you cant figure it out,? just email me and I will give you a total.

  15. VVD

    You are a Pokemon poacher, leeching off your fellow? Pokemon lovers. Get a job, scalper.

  16. legodarklucario189

    do you? have a jalalorda doll

  17. Darkhoth01

    Woah? so many Victini things.

  18. HardrockPokemon

    Maybe in a week or a little longer. Im still? on vacation and I have about 105+ orders to send out when I get back. Sometime after that I will probably have time to do it. Think something new is coming out in a week or so.

  19. NerdyGerdy2

    when? r u making a new video

  20. HardrockPokemon

    No, they arent the regular prices. They are sold out, so I charge more.

  21. legodarklucario189

    do? you a zekrom pokedoll

  22. HardrockPokemon

    Sorry,? I dont. They havent made one yet.

  23. GTAmclaren

    Have? you got purugly pokedoll?? I have made by me plush but I interested on a purugly pokedoll

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