Sterling Silver Teddy Bear – Timeless, Exquisite and Classy


The sterling silver has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925. It is alloy of silver that contains 92.5 pure silver and 7.5 other metals. Sterling used in allusion to the 0.925 grade of silver. The craze of sterling is growing. Most of people buy sterling jewelry, utensils, gifts, etc. Gifts include heirloom, teddy bears, pendants and many other gifts. Sterling silver is a gift choice of most of the people. Sterling teddy bears is the most rising demand of among the people, the scratches that it had increase the classic beauty of sterling. Due to its durability and graceful aging, it ranks one of the most popular among people.

Sterling gifts for children are kept as family heirlooms with special emotional value. Sterling baby gifts include combs, cups, teeth rings or toothbrush, rattles, etc. Sterling silver teddy bear is a unique and wonderful gift for any occasion. These are long lasting teddy bear that provide entertaining for lifetime, while growing more beautiful and valuable with each passing year. These teddy bears are damage free and as the number of year passes they will look more beautiful and shiny. Sterling teddy bear have scratches that add more beauty. You can also polish them for making more stunning and shiny.

Sterling silver teddy bear is heavier than the ordinary one. These are quite expensive than other teddy bear but its look is very attractive. You donâ??t need to wash these teddies as the dust can be easily removable. You can give 925sterling silver teddy bear to your loved ones on any occasion. It will definitely bring smile on the face of your love ones. These are completely handmade teddy bear which weigh around three kilograms minimum. It is advisable that you should always select hallmark sterling silver teddy bear. Hallmarked signed products are safer and most trustworthy because they ensure the best quality products.

Your Sterling Legacy is one of the specialized companies in the creation of sterling silver. They create, customized and design the sterling silver icons that add grace to the art of silver.

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