Stuffed Animals – Picking the Perfect Size

Choosing the right type of stuffed animal is a great start for picking the perfect gift, but you still have to select the appropriate size. Plush toys come in a wide variety of sizes, and you can't try them on like clothes to get the best fit. The good news is, with plush animals, you can select the right size for anyone without asking their pants or dress size by simply considering the person to whom you are giving the present and the situation for which you are buying a gift.

Stuffed animals have a general size range from four inches up to six feet, with only the rarest outside that range. Unlike clothes, there aren't any size labels on plush animals., so, to make things clear, let's divide this range into "small," medium" and "large" sizes, after which we will examine the appropriate occasions for each. For our purposes, a "small" stuffed animal is under or equal to eighteen inches, or about a foot and a half. A "medium" toy is over eighteen inches up to forty-two inches. So a "large" is any plush toy that exceeds forty-two inches. Now let's move on to the best situation and recipient for each size.

Small Sized Plush Animals

The smaller toys are, in many cases, also the cutest. This makes them especially appropriate for children. Not only are they cuter, but they are easier to store. They will fit in a tiny bookcase, or a whole collection can be displayed on a child's bed, which is a great place to keep them within easy reach for snuggling. Small and very small plush animals are also perfect for a significant other, even if there is no special occasion. The added cuteness speaks volumes. Sometimes it really is the thought that counts and small toys, while affordable for you, can be very effective at expressing sentiments that are hard to put into words. For instance, a small stuffed bunny with a note that says "Thinking of you" or any other personal message can make a big impact. Small plushies are also good for significant others because they are cuter and less likely to be perceived as tacky than the six foot tall green and purple bunny you won at the carnival years ago.

Medium Sized Plush Animals

Medium sized stuffed animals are the most versatile and can be used for many different occasions. For instance, they can hold flowers, candy, other small gifts, cards, and many other objects. For Valentine's Day, they can be posed with a box of chocolates or they can hold a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day. In addition to matching them with other gifts, they can be used as decorative items. Medium sized animals can spruce up someone's home d├ęcor in a variety of ways. For instance, you can match the color of your plush toy to their furniture's color scheme. For example, you could get them a spotted leopard that matches their couch or other decorations. You could also match the theme of a vacation home or cabin in the woods with an appropriate animal such as a plush wolf or a cute fox.

Large Sized Plush Animals

There are fewer large size stuffed animals, but they can be thrilling for the right occasion. Children are especially impressed with the large sizes. A four foot tall stuffed monkey can be a great pal for a child, since they can be the same size as the child, or bigger, and can endure a lot of playtime. Large stuffed animals are also good gifts for young adults. If you give a jumbo teddy bear to a girl who is going off to college, she can keep it in her dorm room as a decoration. There is the added benefit of having something cuddly to hug if she gets lonely being away from home.

Different sizes are appropriate for different gift-giving occasions, so keep these tips in mind when choosing a plush stuffed animal as a gift. Choose wisely and your gift recipient will be sure to be delighted!

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