How can you tell if a teddy bear hamster is a male or female?

Because me my brother and my mom just got two teddy bear hamsters at a pet store when they were onlly six weeks old, and we are still wondering how can you tell if the hamsters are a male or female!

Image by EssjayNZ

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9 Responses to How can you tell if a teddy bear hamster is a male or female?

  1. Emily F

    In my experince with rodents, it’s easiest to tell from if they have testicles or not… I suggest just looking at this source link, though.

  2. Fandango

    You can, but I will not explain how if you don’t know.

  3. joniboni

    Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Of course, look at them when they are relaxed and natural looking.

    Sexing rodents is based on the ano-genital distance which is longer in the male.
    Just another view point and picture

  4. Kate
  5. nataliexoxo

    look for honkin big balls
    my male hamster had huge man parts lol

    at that age, fems have pee shoots near the tail. males pee shots are up some twds the belly

  6. Snowflake72

    the testicles will tell it all. especially on teddys cause they are bigger than normal hampsters.

  7. Dee

    The males have a sort of pointed looking rear end, compared to the fems. They also have really big, noticable testicles.

  8. Robert W

    read on the internet.Or go to pet store and ask.

  9. poohbear

    TB males have very large, um, parts. Probably a girl if you don’t see anything.

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