Tired of Teddy Bears? Try Unique Plush Toys!

If you?ve recently spent time shopping for a plush toy or stuffed animal for that special someone in your life, you?ve undoubtedly come across hundreds and hundreds of plush teddy bears, jungle animals, cats, dogs and other cute and cuddly plush creatures. But what if you are tired of the same old stuffed bears and monkeys that you can find everywhere and that everyone already has? Well, if you?re searching for something soft and plushy that is very different from your traditional stuffed animals, there are plenty of options out there for all ages.

big eye dummiesBig Eye Dummies are designer plush dolls with interchangeable eyes and mouths. These adorably funny plush animals include a cow named Disco and a cat named Milton. Kids will love them because of the ability to change the look and facial expression of each of the Big Eye Dummies. They cost around twenty dollars each, and are sure to bring a smile to anyone who receives them.

giantmicrobesIf you?re looking for something a bit on the weird and educational side of plush, look no further than a very cool and unique line of plush toys called GiantMicrobes. GiantMicrobes are stuffed animals that look just like the microbes they represent, only one million times the actual size. You can get the Common Cold, Bad Breath, Stomach Ache, E.Coli or, you can even pass on the ebola virus to a loved one for their birthday. Each GiantMicrobe comes with an image and information about the real microbe itself. In addition to being a funny, unique plush gift, they also make great learning tools for the recipient as well.

wezensLooking for a unique plush toy that?s out of this world? From outer space comes a charming line of plush aliens, The Wezens. The Wezens have been stranded on Earth, with the sole purpose of cuddling. Each Wezen has a distinct personality, look and color. They can be hard to find, but for around twenty dollars, they are a good purchase.

snuggle podFor the younger set, Snuggle Pods are super soft babies that come with their own ?pod? ? a satin lined shell. Babies will love tucking and toting their own first baby doll, which fosters early development nurturing.

There are tons of options out there and if you find yourself searching for a unique plush toys, keep digging because you are sure to find something unusual, different and hopeful perfect for you or that special someone.


Shaun Boyle is an author, web enthusiast, father and part owner of The PlushBucket.com, specializing in unique plush toys.


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