Toy Network Shadow The Hedgehog Plush Toy Review

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25 Responses to Toy Network Shadow The Hedgehog Plush Toy Review

  1. treverpatey

    ive been collecting for only 3 years but my collection is starting to get large

  2. treverpatey

    ok this is how you know there fake if theres no toynetwork tag there fake (i would know it happend to me) i gave my fake toy network sonic to my freind ( dont worry he knew it was fake) but dont worry it wasnt any one you seen another way is if you get a sonic with no quills its fake ( my freind has one) if your toy network plush doesent have those problems there real :)

  3. Biscuit298

    @treverpatey I Do

  4. treverpatey

    wait make shure all of your toynetworks are real?!

  5. treverpatey

    @Biscuit298 f course we can what makes you think we wouldnt buddy btw check sonics world this is my only account now

  6. Biscuit298

    Ok,But Can We Still Be Friends?

  7. treverpatey

    not only in toy reviews in subscribers and im also gonna get pizza his own series

  8. Biscuit298

    On What,Toy Reviews?

  9. treverpatey

    buiscuit better get ready cause im gonna catch up to your progress

  10. Biscuit298

    It Could ^_^

  11. MariovsSonic100

    u hav a big collection i wish my collection would be as big as yours someday

  12. SweetieKittyRouge

    Yeah only took me a million tries! XD

  13. Biscuit298


  14. SweetieKittyRouge

    I have one thats a bit smaller I got it out of a claw machine in an arcade

  15. Biscuit298

    For A LONG Time

  16. bobbymay121

    God how long have you been collecting

  17. 96luigi96

    i have one of those, but its eyes are crooked.but the good thing is, is that i FINALLY got a shadow toy. its the sonic x series 2 shadow. i think its really cool!

  18. Biscuit298


  19. drrustymdk513

    im gonig to get a shadow figrure

  20. scottssx

    Mines A Bit Bigger And His Doesnt Shine,I Plan On Putting Strings On Him And Turning Him Into A Puppet So Its Like Shadow Has Came Too Life…

  21. chaomaster5522

    mines eyes are like this /

  22. Biscuit298

    Hope You Find It

  23. mariofan96

    I Use To Have That Shadow Plush Toy.
    But I Lost It.

  24. Biscuit298

    Me Too

  25. iluvShadowMephiles

    i have that i love him sooooooooooooo much. <3

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