What is the best way to clean plush/stuffed dog toys?

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What is the best way to clean plush/stuffed dog toys?
I've noticed some of my puppies stuffed toys are getting kind of smelly. Most of the tags say to "surface wash" the toy. Anybody have any good suggestions on cleaning them?

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Answer by jetblakkmane
I just toss my Akita's toys into the washing machine on the gentle cycle. They come out perfect!

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8 Responses to What is the best way to clean plush/stuffed dog toys?

  1. lisa s

    put them in a bag and pour in talc powder, shake well then take them out

  2. Chazerai

    Dry clean.

  3. sasha_mocha

    i wash my dog’s stuffed anumals in the washer with verry little soap, & use the gentle cycle…then just let them air dry. be sure to inspect them after each wash to make sure they are still safe.

  4. FWB9206

    First wash it with wather for 5 minutes then cover it with Lysol and some febreze an leave It outdoors until It dry.

  5. Maggie

    I too find that most of my dogs toys can be washed in the washing machine. Those that don’t survive this treatment get thrown away. I’ve not got the time to do anything more labor intensive. I’ve heard that putting them in the deep freeze gets rid of germs but I’ve never tried it myself.

  6. MagPookie

    I wash them in the washing machine or hand wash. The important part is to USE DISHWASHING SOAP and not detergent. Just a little bit, maybe 1/8 of a cup AND run the rinse cycle twice.

  7. angelsforanimals

    wash them in the washing machine in hot water with a gentle detergent on gentle cycle. I am a shelter manager and that is what we do every day with our stuffy toys. Dry them on warm in the dryer.

  8. iloveyellowelephants

    put them inside a pillowcase and throw them in the washer, then just throw them in the dryer and you’re good, anything that doesn’t make it when we do it that way gets thrown out, not like you’re really loosing anything, if they were already dirty you’d have thrown them out if you couldn’t wash them anyway.

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