why do dogs go crazy for american kennel club stuffed toys?

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why do dogs go crazy for american kennel club stuffed toys?
my dog goes nuts, and "kills" her american kennel stuffed toys within a day. Why is this? what makes them so special?

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Answer by Rachal961
I haven't tried them myself, but I'm glad you posted that, I almost bought one yesterday. My boy loves tearing up all his stuffed toys, we really have to keep an eye on him, because he works really hard to get the squeeky things out of them. I always get the ones off the clearance rack cause they generally only last a couple of weeks, and he doesn't know the difference that he's getting a halloween toy for Christmas!

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7 Responses to why do dogs go crazy for american kennel club stuffed toys?

  1. Nandina

    I don’t know, but our Mini Schnauzer loves her AKC bunny and will choose it over her other toys if given the option.

  2. Loki_Wolfchild

    Hmm…You aren’t an AKC employee, are you?

    Maybe because she sees it as a sell-out by the AKC, and it really pisses her off?

  3. Bossoli

    I haven’t tried them. Do they have squeakers? It would be interesting to have my dogs “kill” such a realistic looking animal, combined with squeaking- which simulates an animal being maimed. My Husky is ruthless with stuffed animals- I’ve given her a lot of my old ones and have ended up with fluff all over my house :)

  4. Tony III

    No idea what they are. Any “stuffed” animal can be a potential danger for any pup. Period.

  5. PawPrintz

    We have the bunny, and a couple of the others, and the puppy loves them. I actually bought her a second bunny and put it away for her so she would have one when her bunny died.

  6. Sarah V

    That’s hilarious- I thought I was the only person with dogs that did that! My dogs love their squirrel and duck- none of their other toys get so much use! They do seem to be really durable toys as well. The squirrel toy we have is missing an ear and a foot, but has been around for months now, far outliving lesser toys!

  7. anne b

    My kids LOVE those toys!!! I have gone through quite a few possums-it seems to be the most popular of the selection. They look so real I think the dogs think they are real! I don’t have too much ripping and tearing-I keep the stuffed toys away from my “jaws of death” dog. These toys are always the toy of choice to sleep with at night, and the first toy i am greeted with when I come home. Go figure?

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