YGR Plush Toy Horse Show Jumping

This is my 3rd video, so I know it could be a lot better, but it would be longer and I don't have so much space. I will certainly BREYER one quite soon, those are better, but you'll have to wait till next week. Thanks! Please view and enjoy! If you can, CHECKOUT twilightsplendor's PROFILE & VIDS! Ps YGR stands for Yellow Grass Ranch.

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4 Responses to YGR Plush Toy Horse Show Jumping

  1. missrubberduckzillaa

    i love ur horse plush i have like 16 beanie baby 1s and two huge ones

  2. horsingxaround72

    yay! laura won! congrats congrats!!! keep on goin twightlight! I def. agree breyers are da bomb got lots at home but haven’t made a vid of them yet!

  3. schucomonkey

    What a great show! This video gets a blue ribbon!

  4. horsedreaming

    Congratulations Laura!!!

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